Bereavement Coaching

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Loss of a spouse, partner, child, friend or relative regardless of age is still a loss. For many that loss is monumental and life changing. Loss can come as an end to a relationship, loss of job, a tragedy, an accident, illness such as cancer, or an unexpected death. In using my own experiences with loss of a partner, friends, family members, as well as walking the path with friends that have lost children along with being a certified bereavement coach, I am able to assist others in working through the grieving process by not overcoming but instead choosing how to live with the loss.

Stages of Handling Terminal Diagnosis
Action Plan
Coping- Telling Others/Responses

How to Know If You Are Grieving: Though there are stages of grief there is no one way to get through them. Each person grieves in their own way with varying intensities. Are you experiencing any of the following?

Isolating or spending lots of time alone

Intense feelings of bitterness, anger, blame

Unexplained outbursts or fits of crying

Unable to self soothe or seek comfort from others

Going through the motions of life without living life

Inability to work or do daily tasks

Constant feeling of being overwhelmed

Frequent dreams day or night about loss

Resenting God

Inability to sleep/lethargic

Participating in destructive behaviors