Maximize your Online Dating Profile

Maximize Your Best Self Now for Online Dating Profiles
Profile Photos:
• Show your face – no sunglasses on the lead profile picture
(if it’s one of several in profile that’s at like a beach somewhere fine, otherwise question what they are trying to hide)
• Keep main profile picture current, if online more than a couple of years change it
• No selfies
• Have interesting backgrounds – no pics by your bedroom wall – shows no imagination for putting your best self out there so where else will there be no imagination?….
• Make sure pictures with opposite gender are not ex-partners, label who you are with, don’t crop where other gender if visible
• Guys limit number of pictures with your teenager daughter and her girl- friends – too cheesy
• Label headshots since they are often photo shopped
• Use current pictures or put dates taken
Pictures online should show your best self. They need to convey your personality and interests. This is not about not being genuine or authentic however a picture does say a thousand words so for all those out there that say, “Well they can take me how I am or forget it”. Then as Dr. Phil would say, “How’s it working for you so far?” If online dating is not going well then rethink how you are portraying yourself not only in pictures but in your profile summary as well.
Tag Name
• Needs to be catchy
• Be easy to explain in a positive statement
• Tell something about you or your interests
Profile Content
• Use “I” less
• Men look for kind hearted, sweet, creative, adventurous, passionate about something, like to have sex (although this is a bit tricky to convey in a profile), not crazy (this too is hard to evaluate online)
• Women look for financially stable (it’s less about the income & more about stability), easy going – not to controlling or short tempered, free of addictions, family oriented, those that have hobbies/interests
• Be careful with humor, what might sound funny may not convey well in text
• Answer some of question but leave some mystery to the full answer
• Tell the kind of person you desire to have in a partner/spouse
What do you typically do on a Friday night?
• Either don’t answer or be honestly creative with how you spend this time
• What you do with family, friends or how you spend time chilling out
Online Tips
• Pay the upgrade!
• Those that are serious take time to fill out the profile content & put several pictures in the album
• A interested prospect will send a message that conveys he has read your profile, what he likes about your and your photos
• A wink is not a legitimate contact it is phishing
• Men that put women in favorites without any more contact are phishing
• Women that put men in favorites are showing interest
• Take the time to email a bit; always classy if they give you a personal email, Linked In, or work contact to legitimize their interest and intent to be authentic
ALWAYS meet in a public place
• Authentic daters do not ask for money, Beware of scams on dating sites

5 Ways Your Saboting Your Relationship

So your love life is starting to turn sour. Hey, it happens—don’t rely on Nicholas Sparks for an accurate depiction of romance. But although things may be going haywire, you don’t have to give up just yet. Here are five signs you’re damaging your own relationship as well as how to fix it!

1. You Don’t Trust Him Around Other Girls
Unless he’s given you a reason not to trust him around females (in which case, you’re probably better off without him anyways), you need to chill, girl. Jealousy is just a petty and unattractive emotion—it makes you look insecure, and who wants to be with someone who’s not comfortable with herself?

If you’re having trouble trusting your guy, it could be because you were hurt in a past relationship. “Many women carry baggage from previous relationships,” says Adam LoDolce, dating coach and founder of Sexy Confidence. “In other words, they’ve been cheated on in the past, so they assume it will happen again.”

Bringing your old relationship issues into this one isn’t fair to your current guy. “The hard part is not letting past grievances be heaped on someone who had nothing to do with your old stuff,” says dating coach Margie Burciaga. Try to let go of your past and give this relationship a chance. Not every guy has bad intentions.

2. You’re Constantly on His Case
PLEASE don’t leave your toothbrush on the counter, how many times have I asked you?”
“Babe, you’ve worn that hoodie three days in a row now.”
“Can you not put your shoes in the middle of the floor? We’ve been over this.”
“Don’t you have homework you should be doing?”

OMG GIRL, STOP IT. Nobody likes to be nagged! “Nagging him doesn’t enhance special feelings about you, it makes him feel inadequate,” says online dating expert Gina Stewart. “Who wants to be with someone who makes them feel bad about themselves?”

Remember when your mom used to bug you about cleaning your room or getting your homework done or picking up after yourself, and you felt annoyed? You’re being his mom now—and he doesn’t like it. He wants a girlfriend, not an extra mommy. So relax.

If something is really bugging you, bring it up nicely and with a smile. “State what you want and why it’s important, then give space for an answer and take what he says at face value, along with listening to what he says,” Burciaga says. “Men generally tell you exactly where they are coming from.”

3. You Always Want to Hang Out With Him
When you find someone really cool, sometimes we ladies have a tendency to get—well, dependent, to put it nicely. If you find yourself getting furious when he turns down your near-frantic “Can we hang out?” inquiries, then you know you’ve crossed over to clingy.

“When a woman is too clingy and expecting to get all of her excitement and validation from constantly being with her man, it slowly chokes the life out of the relationship,” says Marla Martenson, a matchmaker, author and motivational speaker.

The truth is harsh, but it’s this: nothing will make a guy ditch you faster than your over bearingness. Who likes to feel smothered? That’s right—no one. So try to back off a little.

“Not giving him space—this is a result of not having your own friends and life,” LoDolce says. “He won’t want a life with you unless you have a life without him. Pursue a passion, get a hobby, grab drinks with your girlfriends.”

4. You Over analyze Everything
How many times have you read a text over and over, trying to decipher exactly what it meant? Or maybe you’ve replayed a scene in your head a thousand times, trying to break it down further and further. You worry and obsess about every little thing he says or does—and that’s not healthy.

“Guys are generally pretty straightforward–they tell it like it is,” says Laurie Davis, founder and CEO of eFlirt Expert. “There is no reading between the lines. But women over analyze everything and often think there is a greater meaning to everything he says. Ultimately, over analyzing can push him away entirely.”

So, what’s the solution? Actually talking to your guy rather than stressing over what you think he might have meant. “Open communication is always best, so if you’re ever unsure of what he means when he says something, ask!” Davis says

5. Your Expectations Are Too High

Are you one of those girls who have lengthy lists of every quality their ideal man must possess? “In budding relationships, I often observe women building up a guy or a relationship up before it’s really anything tangible,” says Davis. “But when you do this, he will never live up to your expectations. Fantasies are not reality.”

So take a breather and burn that list, because finding a man without flaws is impractical. Love isn’t always like your fave romance movie; in fact, it’s usually not.

Also, don’t get ahead of yourself (i.e., don’t start asking him about what kind of father he’d be on the fourth date). “Keep two feet planted on the ground,” Davis says. “It’s okay to think about him, but try to reminisce over something he said or did on your last date rather than imagining what it will feel like to walk down the aisle together.”

If you’re engaging in any of the above behaviors, your relationship could be in trouble. But listening to the advice of these experts should make fixing your problems relatively easy! Channel your inner superwoman and be proactive about your problems. After all, this relationship may just be worth saving.

By Ashley McDonald in Relationships


High Hopes For a New Relationship

Relationships are a big part of life especially those that involve a life partner or the potential for one. Dating not only allows you to get to know others it can be a major factor in getting to know yourself. By learning what you like and don’t like along with a clear vision of the future you wish to have and the kind of person you desire to have share it.

You’re hoping, maybe against all hopes, that there really is someone out there for you. You’re wondering in your heart of hearts, “Margie, Dare I hope? Is there someone out there for ME?” Of course there is! The trick is being willing to open oneself up enough and widen the tunnel vision approach to dating, some would say it is “being too picky”. This is not about settling it is about a willingness to see potential in everyone you meet. Seeing the possibility of supporting a person to bring out the best in them and they in you. Beauty can be seen in many ways-there is not one definition of beauty. There are plenty of good looking people continuing to have unsuccessful relationships. The clients I work with are intelligent, successful, talented, and motivated people that are willing to work at obtaining the beauty of inner strengths so that what they think may be conveyed and projected into realities.

Sweetheart, I am here to tell you, “It is not your fault!” It is not your fault that you are not already married. It is not your fault that you haven’t already found someone perfect for you. As your Romance Coach, I can tell you, there is hope, you can do something about it, and it’s easy to do. But you, like all of us, will need help implementing the necessary steps along the simple path to finding love. That’s where I step in as your Romantic Relationship Expert, Online Dating Coach, Bereavement Specialist, and Professional Image and Wardrobe Consultant.

Married for 25 years and divorced, widowed after being with the love of my life, Margie has successfully navigated the romance and dating game. She knows the heartache of loss and what it takes to start again. I have worked with others as they navigated finding marriage partners and all that a great romantic relationship entails in the dating realm. With her compassionate, humorous and sometimes audacious approach she encourages and inspires her clients to be their best selves and find love with her as their Romance Coach.

As you sit at your computer, reading through my numerous dating and online personal dating advise and Free Dating Articles, you will learn why my client list includes national clientele who rely on my audacious approach, warmth, humor, and relationship expertise to increase their number of dates and improve their romantic relationships. While audacious, I am always discrete and maintain utter confidentiality for all my clientele.

What Manners?

The art of living well dates back centuries. In the 1600’s French nobility created rules of etiquette that would govern social interactions many of which continue to be the framework of what we are to be using today. The word etiquette came from an old word meaning ticket. Social interactions, their times, where they took place, dress codes and behaviors were all a part of the rules of etiquette. Read the complete article at Influential Magazine.