Wondering what a date coach is versus a matchmaker? A coach does not arrange dates. A coach helps establish your strengths of character while pointing out obstacles that prevent you from presenting your best self on a regular basis. A coach is an adviser with a cheerleader attitude that champions you to allow and make better decisions while guiding you to get out of your own way to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.
Who hires a date coach? Anyone you see they are everywhere, the local coffee shop, the gym, a work colleague. When wanting to get physically fit one might hire a personal trainer then to learn how to bring ones whole self to a date and attract the person you want instead of a take what you attract one hires a coach.

The idea of a dating coach may sound ridiculous: One might ask why should I entrust my romantic success to another person? What could a coach possibly say to me that I don’t already know? Well as Dr. Phil might say, “How’s it working for you so far?”

Some find themselves in need of transitioning out of bereavement into the singles world of dating. While others find themselves in a rut or taking the approach “take me as I am or forget about it” yet they keep seeking with poor results and frustration with the whole process, others recognize they struggle in the dating world but don’t feel like they know what to do to attract the kind of mate they desire. Attracting a mate does not have to mean marriage but it does mean being in a meaningful, satisfying relationship with someone you care about and that cares about you.

So what does one do that has many 1st dates and struggles with how to turn them into 2nd dates? Or one might find themselves new on the dating scene and leery of how to present themselves or even what do on a date. Some need to find out why they are still in a relationship that is not working for them. Others seek what is acceptable these days to do on a date such as can we kiss on a first date or how long should it be? I often hear dating seems more like a job hunt and it requires such an investment of time. Dating does take time and dating is very much like finding a job except it is a personal interview verses a job interview either way you are selling yourself. What a coach does is help you find a way to up your confidence, lends encouragement to do what one must do, and helps those that need it to get out of their own way all the while putting in a little fun in the experience.

We all come to the table with past baggage from our own unique life experiences and circumstances. I will help each person realize their dream without breaking the piggy bank. I feel like each person can find someone who will make their soul sing. A person needs to be emotionally ready for a new and healthy relationship, no one wants to meet someone who has too much baggage. Ready to get started?
Clear your mind of can’t. ~Samuel Johnson~