Corporate Services

Has your company recently gone through major organizational changes? Have you been promoted to a new position and want to make sure you tackle the challenges with winning strategies? Have you been recently passed over for a job you know you can do? Are you struggling with balancing work with life?

Benefits of a coach include increasing self-confidence/self-esteem, improved communication and interpersonal skills, develop stronger relationships, manage a better work/life balance, personal organization, increased work performance and time management, effective team strategies, increased corporate productivity, etc.

Let’s craft an action plan to meet your professional and organizational goals. As a certified professional career and relationship coach as well an image consultant it allows me the added advantage to share successful tips in relationships with both genders to maximize effectiveness and enhance in the work place environment to meet personal as well as organizational goals. I am able to take hands on experience from working in the corporate arena as well as having been married to a banking executive for 25 years that gave me great insight to the challenges that exist in the workplace regardless of gender.

Hiring Margie to coach your staff allows her to develop win-win strategies to meet management objectives. Much of what hampers business environments is not recognizing the different learning and communication styles of others so that the winning vision of management can be achieved at all levels of staffing. Most of what we do can be easily tweaked by reframing our intent to get the desired result. Margie will adapt coaching packages to fit the needs of each individual or staff of an organization. Contact Austin Lifestylist today to put your team at the top!