Date and Relationship Coaching

So much more than just learning how to date…

I provide a dating strategy for people who want to learn “the secrets” of expert daters. I will ensure that you learn the skills you need to get exactly what you want out of dating and relationships! Gain clarity on appropriate partners, identify patterns that continue to emerge, understand your process for developing trust and intimacy in the early stages of dating, learn behaviors needed to prepare and be on a date. Learn your own blind spots and how to open up your vision of the perfect mate to increase your chances of finding the right one. Recognize red flags early on in the dating process.

There are plenty of good looking people continuing to have unsuccessful relationships which is a reflection of needing to brings one’s whole “inner self” to the table. To increase successes on 1st dates arrive with balance – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially at whatever stage in life you are at currently.

Austin Lifestylist offers services in Personal Date Coaching, Relationship Coaching including how to get out of a relationship, Bereavement Coaching, Create or Enhance Online Dating Profiles, Image and Wardrobe Consulting. All services are performed by Marjorie Presley Burciaga a certified coach.


What do you want to convey about yourself before you ever say a word? One’s outward presentation is how you tell the world how you feel about yourself. So what are you saying? An image consult gains insight to allowing one’s inner self to be congruent with one’s outward appearance.
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You are a great catch! You have the job, the car the house – but no one to share it with? You need an on-line dating profile that captures the best of you! Let’s showcase you as the eligible bachelor/bachelorette that you are by crafting an attractive profile and selecting photos by a trained eye. Learn strategies to enhance the ultimate dating or relationship experience. Review past correspondence with potential dates to evaluate communication that might sabotage or increase chances of successful responses. Tips on expanding your social network by learning avenues for meeting new people.