Dating With Style: Fashion Basics for Men and Women

A person doesn’t need to break the bank to have a nice basic wardrobe. Tips for dating with style.

Fashion Basics for Men:
1. “Go To” Jean – need to fit well, not too short in length, dark color preferably
2. White Dress Shirt- very versatile to go from work to social
3. Dark Sports Coat – it’s never out of style to look suave, maximize budget
by purchasing a dark suit and use pieces separately
4. Dress Shoe – hard sole shoes statistically convey authority
5. Nice Casual Shoe or boot
6. Sunglasses – need to fit your face and convey personality
7. *Signature Scent – a nonverbal way to draw one in to you
8. Polo Shirt – collar shirts convey authority and leadership
9. Metal Watch
10. Basic T-shirt – a nice t-shirt can look really good under a sport coat

Additional wardrobe staples: wallet that is not worn out or a money clip, flattering swim trunks, colored dress shirt, cashmere sweater, dark trousers. Buy a suit and use the pieces to stretch your wardrobe options.

Fashion Basics for Women:

1. “Go To” Jean
2. Classic Black Heels
3. Little Black Dress – Navy or Charcoal may look best on some women
4. Dark Colored Skirt
5. Feminine Blouse
6. Statement Piece of Jewelry – great way to show personality
7. Handbag
8. Sunglasses – needs to fit your face
9. *Signature Scent
10. Base and Lip Color appropriate to skin tone

Additional wardrobe staples: swimsuit and cover up (a maxi dress is a great way to stretch a budget to be worn as cover up or dress), white shirt, black pumps, clutch.

*Signature scent – test before you buy a full bottle. Go to a perfume counter and ask for someone that is very familiar with the scents, possibly the department manager or buyer. Describe to them a little about you and scents you have worn in the past that you were complimented on. Have them give you 3-5 samples that will last you 3-5 days. Wear each one continuously until fragrance is gone, if not compliments try the next one until you come across one that you can tell others are drawn into you and or comment. This is not about spraying yourself silly it should be dabbed on.