Do’s and Don’ts for Online Dating

Try out a couple of sites
Pay the monthly upgrade from free – generally those that pay are more serious about being in a relationship verses serial dating
Photos need to enhance your image – use of professional photos is fine, when using personal photo’s make sure background is interesting or says something about you
Take time to answer the questions
Have someone proof before putting online
Pay attention to your gut feeling….there are scammers on the sites
Respond to those who interest you in a timely manner
No selfies, No blah backgrounds
Ex-spouses, partners, old relationships – it infers not ready for a new commitment
Lie or be deceitful – put up recent pics, use current age , list only activities you enjoy doing
Spill your life story – tell enough about yourself, your relationship goals and leave the rest to when you are getting to the other person (this is more about what you put in responses to a contact vs a profile)
Ladies-dont initiate – men are innately hunters so let them seek you out, you can put them in your favorite file or if a site where you can click yes, no, maybe that’s okay too, otherwise let them contact you