pool of waterWhat is holding you back from stepping on the path that waits beside you for a better life?

How many of us are waiting for some outside force for a jump start?

How many of us use boundless excuses to stay stuck right where we are at? Be it an unsatisfactory job or work environment, doing what it takes to get in shape, a relationship with blaring red flags waving or isn’t meeting the desires of your heart and soul, a friendship that continues to pull you down?

How many of us stay in a woe as me frame of mind saying over and over, “You have no idea what I have suffered or gone through”?

How many of us allow feelings of fear of what we don’t know trap us from doing something new, something different, something even exciting yet possibly challenging or different from the norm?
How many of us are missing the blessings that are all around when all we need to do is get up and get going?

How many feel like the man by the pool in Bethesda many centuries ago who had been ill for 38 years? When asked why he continued to lay right beside the pool waters that could heal him, he responded, “That no one would put him in the pool and if he were to try another would beat him to it.”1  What in your own current situation is keeping you from getting into the water? What is keeping you from getting up and get going?

I love God’s response, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”* Do you know anyone whom you would like to say to them, “Get up and get going?” Better yet, notice the command was not only to rise, but to pick up, clean up where he laid, and walk away from it. Putting an end to all that had come before. Everything that lead up to that moment didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was moving forward. All that was needed was to step into the blessing that awaited.

How telling for us in that command to get up, pick up, put an end to what has been up to this day and to walk forward.
How freeing! I love what Eileen Caddy wrote, “It is resistance which causes suffering. The new is unconventional and that goes against the grain with many. People find it hard to understand or even believe that I would ask anyone to do anything which does not fit into a nice, neat, conventional pattern.”2 Isn’t it great to know that our creator designed us to desire more than just a status quo life, designed us to be open for greater possibilities?

Are you laying in a mess that needs to be cleaned up and stepped out of to live life well? Do you know someone that is struggling with all kinds of excuses and hang ups as to why they can’t get up and get going? Sometimes we need someone to say, “Get up, get going, clean up where you are at, walk away knowing that a full life awaits. You must get up and step into the blessing by your side, instead of watching others part take and staying stuck in a puddle of excuses -Jump into the pool of life.”

See you on the path where blessings abound!!!
1 John 5:5—8 Holy Bible Modern Version English Personal size large print edition copyright@2015
2 Caddy, Eileen (1971). Resistance Causes Suffering God Spoke to Me 68-69.

copyright@2016 Austin Lifestylist, Margie Presley Burciaga