Give The Gift of Love

Married/couples, those in relationships, can play a big part in introducing your single friends to a future of happiness. As we move past the traditional holiday season into a new year many singles would rather not go through another holiday season single. Giving the gift of love could be a priceless gift you could give to a friend or colleague. There are so many wonderful stories out there of how people have been introduced by someone they knew. This year consider being one of those great conversations of how you introduced a couple to each other.
Singles, if you are serious about not being single start telling everyone you know you are interested in meeting singles they know. And those in relationships or married let others you know that you have an awesome friend that is single that deserves to find love. Ask those you know if they know other singles and neither of you should feel responsible for the outcome of making an introduction. Ask those you do business with or services, friends, tennis partners etc. who they know who is single. Make the introduction and let them take it from there. Keep in mind most people did not meet their mate after one introduction so be willing to continue to introduce single friends to others. Also, very important, do not prejudge who would be best for your friend or colleague to meet because more often than not you are making assumptions based on your own tastes and knowledge of that person. You won’t be dating them so let fate take its course without your two cents.
A woman I know had signed up for an online site after over a year of dating and meeting like over 30 men that friends had introduced her too that had not worked out. Then she decided why not give online dating a try. So one evening after a work function she and her friend were walking to their cars so she shared she had finally bit the bullet to try to meet men outside her circle of influence to see who else might be out there. Her friend asked if she knew the man’s name she was meeting which she did but the friend said nothing except to let her know when she was home safely from the outting. Thinking she could do anything for about an hour she went and met the guy close to home for a drink. What she thought would be 45 minutes to an hour turned into 3 hours and finding a life partner. What’s important to note that after the two had been dating a bit it came out that this man and her friend had been neighbors but she had chosen not to say anything to influence the out-come. Mind you the friend would have never have thought to set them up to begin with, but could not believe how awesome they were together.
Lesson learned for all their friends not to prejudge who is best for one another. That is not to say that when you know certain things about a person that it might be useful at some point to give a heads up by finding an appropriate time to share just in the case the information might help in determining red flags in the relationship. That being said let things take their course to get started! No better gift to give a person you care about than the “gift of love”.