Image & Wardrobing

Image Consult
Evaluate core personality, lifestyle influences for wardrobe & upcoming commitments.
Understand and review style objectives.
Discuss signature style that reflects your persona and lifestyle including grooming.

Wardrobe Audit
Organize closet.
Remove articles that do not meet style objectives. 
Establish list of pieces that will enhance your wardrobe.

Personal Shopping Experience
Selection of pieces will be pulled to reflect signature style as well as meet wardrobe list objectives and budget. 
Client will meet us at locations where items are pulled to be fitted and selected (arrangements can be made to shop outside of Austin with reasonable travel expenses to be paid for by client).

Wardrobe Assembly
Organize and review with client complete outfits with accessories and digitalize for future reference.
List alternatives that will diversify coordinated outfits.

Single Need Shopping
We pull ahead of time articles that will reflect client’s style for the event and either the client will meet us and try on or we will deliver to their home.
(Cost will be added for making returns)

Restyle Package – Image Consult, Wardrobe Audit, and Personal Shopping.
A client typically needs 6 to 10 hours for image consult, closet audit, and shopping; it is generally broken into 2 days. (15% discount when completed within 2 weeks)

Sensational Sorority “Rush” Package – Getting ready for Sorority Recruitment, formerly called rush, can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the process. Our services assist parent & daughter to learn all that she must have to get recommendations for rush including whom to contact for the recommendation as well as photo and wardrobe suggestions. (15% discount for personal shopping if added)

Savvy Singles Profile Package – Turn 1st dates into 2nd dates, maximize being able to find your soul mate – Date coaching including how to present the whole self on a date without going overboard, craft an attractive profile, photo & wardrobe consult. (15% discount for personal shopping if added to pkg)

Travel Package – Review itinerary, pull wardrobe pieces, prepare list for additional items needed for trip. (15% discount for wardrobe audit or personal shopping if added)

Dress for Success Everyday – Assist your employees to know the difference between business casual, professional dress, and social dressing. We will consult with management on current dress patterns, review dress code, and give a presentation to employees. (Arrangements can be made for corporate discounts for individual sessions after presentations)

Restyle Jewelry – Evaluate fine jewelry pieces whether inherited or not being worn to create designs that will meet personal style objectives or use as gifts.