Make Dating Fun

Part of the joy of actually DATING is to explore different aspects of ourselves. Try new things, explore and express that part of yourself. Are you getting out of your box? Are you a strong athlete? Excellent! How about attending an Arts Performance like a musical or the ballet once or twice? A happy book worm? Superb! What about an hour hike or kayaking lesson! People are attracted to energy and it can come in all forms. And to ALL I recommend, GO DANCING!

Are you staying abreast of Dating in the 21st century? Do you have an Internet Dating Profile (s) posted at Online Dating sites? Have you tried Speed Dating? Have you even heard of Speed Dating for singles? Are you aware of the many places to meet new people?

How much preparation do you put into getting ready for a date? How much thought do you put into planning the date itself? Making a reservation verses risking no seating for an hour? Or what you want to accomplish and take away by the end of the date? How much attention is paid to what you wear, your grooming, cleaning your car? Being on time to greet your date? Getting yourself energized for the date itself?