Maximize your Online Dating Profile

Maximize Your Best Self Now for Online Dating Profiles
Profile Photos:
• Show your face – no sunglasses on the lead profile picture
(if it’s one of several in profile that’s at like a beach somewhere fine, otherwise question what they are trying to hide)
• Keep main profile picture current, if online more than a couple of years change it
• No selfies
• Have interesting backgrounds – no pics by your bedroom wall – shows no imagination for putting your best self out there so where else will there be no imagination?….
• Make sure pictures with opposite gender are not ex-partners, label who you are with, don’t crop where other gender if visible
• Guys limit number of pictures with your teenager daughter and her girl- friends – too cheesy
• Label headshots since they are often photo shopped
• Use current pictures or put dates taken
Pictures online should show your best self. They need to convey your personality and interests. This is not about not being genuine or authentic however a picture does say a thousand words so for all those out there that say, “Well they can take me how I am or forget it”. Then as Dr. Phil would say, “How’s it working for you so far?” If online dating is not going well then rethink how you are portraying yourself not only in pictures but in your profile summary as well.
Tag Name
• Needs to be catchy
• Be easy to explain in a positive statement
• Tell something about you or your interests
Profile Content
• Use “I” less
• Men look for kind hearted, sweet, creative, adventurous, passionate about something, like to have sex (although this is a bit tricky to convey in a profile), not crazy (this too is hard to evaluate online)
• Women look for financially stable (it’s less about the income & more about stability), easy going – not to controlling or short tempered, free of addictions, family oriented, those that have hobbies/interests
• Be careful with humor, what might sound funny may not convey well in text
• Answer some of question but leave some mystery to the full answer
• Tell the kind of person you desire to have in a partner/spouse
What do you typically do on a Friday night?
• Either don’t answer or be honestly creative with how you spend this time
• What you do with family, friends or how you spend time chilling out
Online Tips
• Pay the upgrade!
• Those that are serious take time to fill out the profile content & put several pictures in the album
• A interested prospect will send a message that conveys he has read your profile, what he likes about your and your photos
• A wink is not a legitimate contact it is phishing
• Men that put women in favorites without any more contact are phishing
• Women that put men in favorites are showing interest
• Take the time to email a bit; always classy if they give you a personal email, Linked In, or work contact to legitimize their interest and intent to be authentic
ALWAYS meet in a public place
• Authentic daters do not ask for money, Beware of scams on dating sites