Seizing Life’s Opportunities – Will You?

What challenges in life’s uncertainties cause you to play it safe verses taking the risk for a greater life? King Solomon, considered one of the wisest and possibly the richest man to walk this earth, shared the necessity to seize life’s opportunities. He knew life had no guarantees and to wait for the perfect condition, which might not ever come, we could lose out having it at all.
Ecc 11:1 “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.”
(Life Application Bible NIV)

As we begin a new week, what conditions have you been waiting for that if action were taken might yield grander results? Where’s your spirit of trust and adventure for facing life’s risks and opportunities? Worry less about the Red Sea ahead and trust in faith the waters will part when needed.

“A vision is not the same as a plan…A vision forces us to “see” something, it’s very different from a list.”
(Kristin Armstrong, Happily Ever After @copyright 2007)

How do you vision your life ahead? What does it look like? When traveling this past week, there was a lot of time to reflect on times I took risks for the better, times I missed out when not seizing the moment, smiles and tears for that which has come upon me over the last several years. On the journey home, I found myself choosing to vision God’s favor on a life that fills my hearts desires. One filled with great passion, joy, contentment, surrounded with family and friends always.

What risks are you willing to take for a fuller, richer life?

@copyright 2015 Austin LIfestylist, Marjorie Burciaga