Singles Coaching

Wondering are there any nice guys out there? Wondering are there any women out there that are not crazy or needy?

Are you thinking what’s wrong with me that I can’t seem to get past the first date or first few months of dating into a meaningful relationship? Are you wavering with how to best move forward and make your life happy? Are you needing to end a relationship and not sure how? Or dealing with a potential break-up and worried about the other person trying to hang on? Whether your concerns are related to inadequacy, self-preservation, fear of the unknown, jealousy, or anger – I can help. I can help you see the problem for what it is, learn tools to overcome it, and champion you to set and reach goals that put the past where it belongs – behind you. Let’s get started, call Marjorie Burciaga-Austin’s professional dating coach today.


I hold private consultations in Austin, Texas. The consultation is a 50-minute meeting to evaluate your needs, expectations and equally importantly, the suitability of the applicant. The consultation provides you a chance to meet face to face with me and learn what services would be best suited for your needs. Program fees will be discussed in the consultation.

If you do not live in the Austin area you can still benefit from my services.   Please email or call me and we can decide what will work best for your current situation. I am always available for scheduled telephone consultations whether it be coaching advice, dating, or make overs no matter where you live! I have maintained an association with the only local certified matchmaker in central Texas that has connections coast to coast.

If you are interested in applying for any services listed please contact me at 512-931-4041.


Each person is unique and so are their circumstances. I will personally take the time to get to know you and find out exactly what areas we need to work on in order to bring out the very best version of YOU possible. All coaching programs are designed to fit your individual needs. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.


A great date doesn’t necessarily include dinner. I can consult on everything from the best place to meet for coffee (it’s not Starbucks) to creative dates and the latest on Austin area events – reflect your unique personality and interests…even better show her you’re listening and attentive to her interests. If you still must go for coffee I will help map out the perfect spot!

This is a four hour commitment to work on your dating habits and ensure you know what attracts the opposite sex, what turns them off and how to make sure you don’t waste time dating the wrong types.

Dating Analysis: Breaks down the client’s current dating habits and behaviors to determine how successful a dater you are.

Putting the Past Behind You: A simple plan to correct the problems of past relationship pitfalls. Learn how to spot the “wrong” men/ women from a mile away and what was blocking you from seeing them as WRONG before.

Find the best way to meet someone special: I will review all of your options for meeting the person you are looking for.

Dating Strategy: I help to identify what you’re looking for and how to get it. You will learn what to talk about, what not to talk about and how to ensure you will get a second date.

Date Planning: Dinner is not always your best choice. I will help you to plan a spectacular date that will dazzle your partner and always be remembered.

You don’t have to go it alone! If you’re on a date and get stuck – you’ll have instant text support.